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What should this page be? There is nothing on the old website...but here is an idea - this is completely plagiarized from the BW Construction website, but I think it is very useful. Other ideas for this page might be to have a list of: handymen, plumbers, heating guys, etc.  - I just re-worded the questions from the BW Construction website

When Interviewing Builders, Ask:

  • How much experience do you have building similar projects?

  • Will a project manager be dedicated to my project? If yes, what sort of experience do they have with projects of this type? 

  • How much time will a project manager dedicate to my project daily?

  • How is price determined?

  • How is schedule determined? How long will the project take?

  • Can you describe your building and customer communications process?

  • Can you start right away? If not, when will our project be scheduled?

  • Are you and all your subcontractors licensed and insured?

  • What sort of warranty is offered on your work?

  • How long have you been in business?

  • Would you please give me references of clients who have had similar work done?

When Interviewing a Builder's References, Ask:

  • What type of project did the builder undertake for you?

  • Did the builder stay on schedule? Why/Why not?

  • Did the builder stay on budget? Why/Why not?

  • Did you have a good experience with the builder's customer service and accounting? Why/Why Not?

  • How were unforseen challenges handled?

  • What do you think the builder's top strengths are? Top challenges?

  • Would you hire or refer the builder again? Why or why not?

When Planning Your Project, Ask Yourself:

  • What are my goals and priorities for the project?

  • Have I collected design ideas, do I know what I want the new structure to look like ? 

  • What is my budget? 

  • What is my timing/schedule?

  • What attributes are most important to me in choosing a builder?

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