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Paige and Dean

Boulder, Colorado

As we come to the end of our “project”, I’d like to reflect on the process of not only building a home, but also developing a relationship of appreciation, mutual respect & continuous support & understanding with our builder.


We believe this relationship, along with, his level of knowledge in the field was key in creating an atmosphere where superior workmanship stands out. Our home is GORGEOUS! Attention was given to every detail! & those details were handled by David(& his team) in the MOST mindful and conscientious way EVERYDAY! We were always updated and knew the expectations either through the email alerts from our individual program that he & Sarah set up, or just constant communication. We established what mode would work best for us in the beginning, & David always did his best to accommodate us!


This project was a long distance one for us(we live in Michigan), so being able to communicate when necessary was so important to us. David’s great personality made the constant interactions easy & we always felt comfortable asking questions and reassured when we needed input. We always knew what our options were along with our budget. David went above and beyond to make sure we were content with EVERY decision that needed to be made. The people he chooses to work on the job site represent the level of excellence, pride & RESPECT that CLEARLY stands out, not only in his finished product, but also naturally in the dedicated person he is. From Dave, the foreman, to one of my favorites, Hank, the wonderful man who installed the carpet, it seemed every person/contractor involved, had a personal interest in making their piece of our home the BEST part. I felt they each truly cared and took pride in making our home the PERFECT place for us! It was a total collaborative effort that could only be led by a man who TRULY stands out in his field. Without a doubt, we would recommend David Ellis Construction!

Kyle Callahan, Architect

Boulder, Colorado

“I’ve worked with Ellis Construction on several projects now: projects handled with great precision and sincere commitment to the overarching ideal of customer satisfaction.  His ability to manage the complex array of trades, the requirements dictated by an “active” regulatory community, all the while managing his customer’s expectations and their selection process has been amply demonstrated…I highly recommend your selection of David to be your builder.  Such selection early in the process will enable him to provide input into the design, and manifest his construction experience to help you achieve a smoother, more accurately and holistically planned and executed construction project.”

Andrew and Amy

Boulder, Colorado

I would highly recommend David Ellis and Ellis Construction, without reservation, as a general contractor for your new custom home, new addition or remodel needs. David just finished our high end custom home. Throughout our building journey, I was impressed with David in every step of the process.


In the beginning of our process, I thought I was planning on using the builder that built our previous house. To complete my due diligence, though, I interviewed 5 builders. In our meeting, David was professional; he came prepared and brought numerous references. Out of the five interviews, David was the most impressive. He was both detailed and competitive with his proposal. Most importantly, when I checked his references, all were extremely positive and said they would work with him again. Based on these rave reviews, I selected Ellis Construction, and I couldn’t have been more pleased that I did.


With each subcontractor, David brought me multiple proposals to make sure they were competitive. The subcontractors David recommended were almost always the ones we selected; they were efficient, courteous and had good workmanship. Bills were received on a timely basis and had sufficient detail and invoice back up. David was very communicative, and focused on making sure the project met our expectations. If any issues came up (which were few), David was always quick to respond. All issues were resolved to our satisfaction without hesitation on his part.


One of my main concerns going into the project was hiring a builder who could stay within our initial budget. Early in the project, through no fault of David’s, we encountered high ground water tables during the excavation that required extensive mitigation. While this item exceeded our budget, David did a good job to come up with a creative and cost effective solution to the problem. I would add that David was very focused on meeting our budget, and proactive in communicating any items or choices that might affect it. Although we missed our budget on a few items, I was happy with the final outcome and how David managed the process.


Having had such a great experience the first time, I can think of no better recommendation than to say that I would be willing to work with David on any future building project. Please feel free to contact me, if you would like to discuss my recommendation.

Kind Regards,


Tucker and Brian

Boulder, Colorado

September 2, 2014

To Whom It May Concern:

This letter is written to express our great satisfaction with the work competed by David Ellis and Ellis Construction on our recent home improvement project.


In September of 2013, our entire 1300 square foot basement was completely damaged by the floods that came through Boulder. Having recently remodeled our entire home, we were devastated and overwhelmed. Our previous experience with contractors had been very frustrating and we were not looking forward to the idea of working with a general contractor again. However, given that our basement is a 1/3 of our floor space and includes two bedrooms, a family room, a laundry room, a kitchen/bar area, and a bathroom, we knew that we needed a professional to do the work. We spent the time to ask around to get several recommendations and David’s name came up several times.


From our first meeting with David in late September, we knew that we had found someone with whom we could work well. He was knowledgeable, courteous, professional, and timely throughout the entire diligence process. By the time the work started, we had a budget, a written contract, and a firm grasp on the scope and details of the work to be performed.


The project was completed in a timely manner and on budget. The craftsmanship was high end and what we expected. When problems arose (which they inevitably do during construction projects), David was always calm and on top of things. Most importantly, he always followed through on his word. This gave us a lot of peace of mind throughout the entire project.


In summary, we were completely satisfied with David. We would not hesitate to recommend him to friends or to use him again on other another project.


Tucker and Brian


Boulder, Colorado

“Walt and I have been working with Ellis Construction for almost a year now.  We are in the process of building our dream home and have added many complicated elements to the project along the way. David, and Ellis Construction, have been very easy to work with throughout the project.  Whenever we have asked them to research complicated details for the project i.e. an elevator, photovoltaic solar system required by Boulder County, fire suppression system and outdoor fireplace, he has thoroughly researched the items and provided us with thoughtful, high value solutions.  David has shown professionalism and dedication to respecting our budget throughout the project and the addition of our extra work.  I would not hesitate to recommend Ellis Construction; they are an honest, dependable and reliable builder.”

David and Jamie

Boulder, Colorado

We chose David Ellis over other Builders because of his attention to detail in the bidding process and his ability to effectively communicate the complexities related to the process of building and the choices that need to be made by the owners. Crucially we also found him to be very open and trustworthy. Also my father in law is a builder with 40+ years experience and we wanted his input. Of all the builders we interviewed David Ellis was the only one that met his exacting criteria.


Once we chose David it was obvious how essential it was that we picked someone that clearly explained the choices that we would have to make and the timetable that would make it all run smoothly. We had worked with other builders initially (and had to fire them for poor work and poor communication) before finding David (this time with the help of my father in law) and it was night and day. Building a house is a tremendously complex process where there are constant choices to be made by the owner and if the builder can’t effectively explain those choices in a timely manner and also layout the overall itinerary of the build it can go badly and be more expensive in the end.


David’s calm personality and his ability to guide us through this process was tremendously helpful. We ended up with the house that we had dreamed of and it was on budget and on time. A few years later our house has been solid and trouble free.


We wouldn’t hesitate to work with David again if the opportunity arose.


Boulder, Colorado

In 2009 we hired David Ellis to add a second story to our home and to update the existing space. We were very pleased with the quality of work and high level of professionalism from Ellis Construction. At the outset, David went well beyond the other prospective builders in doing due diligence on the house in order to present very realistic costs and time frame. The six-month construction project was completed on time and on budget. David did a very good job communicating with us during the project through in-person weekly meetings, emails and phone calls. Very rarely did I have to make snap decisions, and never on important items.


It’s obvious that David also has strong relationships and good communication with his subcontractors. There were no delays or bottlenecks in the project and there were always people working in the house, courteously and diligently. It’s obvious they have a lot of respect for David.

We have been in our house for two years now and have had no major issues. The few minor things that have come up, David has addressed promptly. Always willing to help out, David has shown that he continues to care about — and take pride in — the homes he builds. I highly recommend Ellis Construction and will use him again for any future house projects we have.

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