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David Ellis started Ellis Builds in 2002, fueled by his own dreams to elevate his community through the creation of meaningful homes. After his passion for architecture and craftsmanship grew year by year, he knew his true calling was with custom built fine homes. He built his team with quality and collaboration as utmost priorities, knowing the value experienced and passionate builders can bring to any project.

Through decades of dedicated service to Boulder County and beyond, Ellis Builds has established a reputation for creative vision and attention to detail. Intention is the driver of every decision made, everything has a purpose. By learning about your lifestyle, tastes, and priorities, the team can truly understand and build what will best elevate your home and experience. Ellis Builds creates through leadership, guiding through the design and building process with the expertise that only comes from decades of experience with fine craftsmanship.

Beyond crafting an exquisite build, our goal is always to offer a seamless experience through a highly refined process. By offering direct access to key people, constant project management on site, and a clear and extensive planning process, we ensure minimal disruption and plans you can be confident in. We truly care about your home, so getting a high quality build goes hand in hand with a clean and organized work site.


Always be focused on the highest quality outcome possible. Be willing to do more than what is expected, and expect to go beyond “the standard”. Prioritize attention to detail, and put finesse and nuance into all aspects of building.


In everything you do and build, be totally honest, and do what’s right when no one is looking. Share what’s going on - even if it’s not good, communicate it.


Make sure you are enjoying the job and helping others enjoy it as well! Make sure you are always prioritizing quality, but don’t forget to have fun!


Work with others whenever it can add value. Ask questions, listen, and communicate as much as possible. Learn from others, and be open to collaborative ideas and techniques.


Think every decision through with the intention to create the highest quality outcome. Make sure you know why and how you are doing something before you do it. Always have a purpose in mind, and always be focused on connecting the vision to reality.

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The Ellis Builds team is diverse, but every member has one thing in common: A dedication to providing the highest level of quality and service possible. Driven by a desire to elevate our community, our mission is never complete, because we will never stop getting better. We will never stop bringing joy, beauty, and meaning to our community.

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We take pride in the meticulous attention to detail that it takes to deliver truly breathtaking homes. Putting in that little bit of extra effort is always worth it to create a perfect moment. Read more about our team to see what makes each person so special!

David E.
Client Liaison
Jeanne E.
Pre-construction Manager
Fred B.
Design Coordinator
Leanne J.
Site Supervisor
Tom P.
Site Supervisor
Michael G.
Field Assistant / Carpenter
Mikie G.
meaningful relationships.
letters of recommendation.
To Whom It May Concern,  My wife, Paula, and I renovated a house in Boulder in 2017.  We probably watch way too much HGTV and completely underestimated what we were getting ourselves into.  We bought a 30 year-old house that hadn’t been updated in 30 years and we took it down to the studs.

We likely wouldn’t have survived the experience intact if not for our builder, and brother-in-law, David Ellis.  David’s wife, Jeanne, is Paula’s sister.  Being related to David allowed us to witness firsthand the countless, amazing homes he has built and renovated in Boulder over the years.  It would have felt weird using any other builder since we’re family but the reality is that we chose David because we knew beyond the shadow of a doubt that he’d do a great job.

David introduced us to an architect and an interior designer and they too were terrific to work with.  They took the time to understand our needs and our budget and got to know us well enough to appreciate our sense of style as well as our lifestyle.

Going into the project I knew that David was a very competent builder. What I didn’t know was that he’s psychic.  Okay, maybe he’s not actually psychic but he displayed an incredible sixth sense and a knack for envisioning the final product when all we saw was studs and vacant spaces.  We dodged several major mistakes that neither the architect nor the designer recognized.  David had the vision and foresight to second-guess various layout choices and to guide us to a much better solution.  Looking now at the final product, we feel so thankful that we didn’t stick with the original design but trusted David’s instincts and implemented his recommendations.

He also protected us from ourselves on a few occasions when we made some questionable decisions about things like hardwood floors.  The depth and breadth of his experience enabled him to guide us through these choices with learned advice about the pros and cons associated with our options. We ultimately trusted his advice and are so happy with the outcomes of the decisions we made.  With the benefit of 20/20 hindsight, I can’t think of one single thing we would have done differently if we had known then what we know now.  Paula and I are pretty confident in our tastes and style but David Ellis gets all the credit for taking our concept and making it reality and making it a home.

Not all homes are created equal, and my new cottage is the best quality I could ever expect. Putting my trust and money with Ellis Construction was definitely the most important and best choice.

I've been dealing with my builder and select contractors for many months and I couldn't ask for a better relationship which has ensured the successful outcome.

At the onset, they provided me with a realistic quote based on my specific preferences for the build. Throughout construction they notified me if my selections were within my quote.

I can't say enough about David Ellis, his staff, and contractors. Not only are they terrific people they seem to be the best at what they do and focus on detail. It was so easy to put my confidence and trust in these people. They kept me informed throughout the project and helped guide me with they're expert advice.

If you join forces with this reputable builder, you should have a pleasurable and successful outcome and be ensured that there will be no shortcuts or big charge variations. I always felt Ellis Construction was looking out for my best interest and getting the job done swiftly and correctly and treated me like family. I couldn't be more sincere in my recommendation.

Paige &
To Whom it May Concern:
As we come to the end of our "project", l'd like to reflect on the process of not only building a home, but also developing a relationship of appreciation, mutual respect & continuous support & understanding with our builder.

We believe this relationship, along with, of course his level of knowledge in the field was key in creating an atmosphere where superior workmanship stands out.

Our home is GORGEOUS! Attention was given to every detail! & those details were handled by David(& his team) in the MOST mindful and conscientious way EVERYDAY!

We were always updated and knew the expectations either through the email alerts from our individual program that he & Sarah set up, or just constant communication. We established what mode would work best for us in the beginning, & David always did his best to accommodate us!

This project was a long distance one for us(we live in Michigan), so being able to communicate when necessary was so important to us. David's great personality made the constant interactions easy & we always felt comfortable asking questions and reassured when we needed input.

We always knew what our options were along with our budget. David went above and beyond to make sure we were content with EVERY decision that needed to be made. The people he chooses to work on the job site represent the level of excellence, pride & RESPECT that CLEARLY stands out, not only in his finished product, but also naturally in the dedicated person he is.

From Dave, the foreman, to one of my favorites, Hank, the wonderful man who installed the carpet, it seemed every person/contractor involved, had a personal interest in making their piece of our home the BEST part.

I felt they each truly cared and took pride in making our home the PERFECT place for us! It was a total collaborative effort that could only be led by a man who TRULY stands out in his field. Without a doubt, we would recommend David Ellis - Construction!

In 2009 we hired David Ellis to add a second story to our home and to update the existing space. We were very pleased with the quality of work and high level of professionalism from Ellis Construction. At the outset, David went well beyond the other prospective builders in doing due diligence on the house in order to present very realistic costs and time frame. The six-month construction project was completed on time and on budget. David did a very good job communicating with us during the project through in-person weekly meetings, emails and phone calls. Very rarely did I have to make snap decisions, and never on important items. It's obvious that David also has strong relationships and good communication with his subcontractors. There were no delays or bottlenecks in the project and there were always people working in the house, courteously and diligently. It's obvious they have a lot of respect for David.

We have been in our house for two years now and have had no major issues. The few minor things that have come up, David has addressed promptly. Always willing to help out, David has shown that he continues to care about - and take pride in - the homes he builds. I highly recommend Ellis Construction and will use him again for any future house projects we have. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call me at 303-246-3858.

Integrity in the field of residential general contracting is a valuable commodity indeed. The uncompromising tenet in pursuit of the best solution to meet the customer's needs and within the limitations of their budget are keys to a successful construction or renovation project. David Ellis is a residential General Contractor working in the Boulder Colorado area that possesses both integrity and construction logic, and in liberal quantities.

I've worked with David on several projects now; projects handled with great precision and sincere commitment to the overarching ideal of customer satisfaction.His ability to manage the complex array of trades, the requirements dictated by an"active" regulatory community, all the while managing his customer's expectations and their selection process has been amply demonstrated.

of a home, the ricia great Contractor to handle he costa his be remodelreturned as a result of a competitive bid process. This single metric for the selection of your Contractor can, and likely will, prove to be folly, when the realities that drove that low cost become apparent. I have, at times, been faced with under-qualified individuals in the construction trade that were present on the jobsite due to their sole possession of the "low bid". On numerous occasions, such individuals fail to provide adequate coordination for trades causing costly delays and oversights, and the quality of the finished product suffers. I will be glad to attest that David Ellis is not one of those individuals!

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