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New Homes and Renovations

Through our 16 plus years of experience, we have crafted a unique approach to assist clients at the earliest stages of design concept and development through the completion of construction.


We call this team based approach, Pre-Construction Consulting. Using this process, we help you assemble a design team (an architect, interior designer, landscape architect and engineer, etc.), track a realistic design timeline and provide feasibility and cost information during development of your design.


The advantage of a collaborative design team is that everyone meets together in one room to share first-hand professional information and knowledge before and during design. Unfortunately, without the team approach, many hours and dollars are lost as each party focuses on their own specialty without the input and expertise of the others. A qualified team can make the difference between design success and disappointment.


Pre-Construction Consulting simplifies the pre-construction and budget development for your project. As your team leader, we are a conduit for team communication, help you understand the design and building process and answer your questions. Pre-Construction Consulting is a roadmap for your building journey and makes it enjoyable.

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